wet rot

What is Wet Rot?

Wet rot is a fungus that attacks timber as it feeds on the cellulose and lignin that give the timber its strength. This can happen in new and old buildings alike and go undetected for some time.

There are two types of wet rot, white and brown, both have a weakening effect of timber even though they act in different ways

How does Wet Rot happen?

Wet rot is a result of high moisture content in the affected timber, this allows the fungus to take hold and is normally a result of leaks from plumbing, poor roof drainage and insufficient ventilation. 

What are the consequences of Wet Rot?

Wet rot is not as pervasive as dry rot and normally occurs in an area that is constantly damp, such as a leaking roof or an unventilated floor void.  Over time the timber will decay to such an extent as to cause localised structural problems, such as a single roof member failing. 

What are the solutions to Wet Rot?

The normal solution is to replace the affected timber, treat the local area and to ensure that the environmental causes are solved, i.e. the roof is repaired or the floor void is correctly ventilated or water proofed.

What do we offer at Damp Direct?

As a highly experience specialist in the area of structural issues resulting from wet rot, we have a proven track record of finding the problem and dealing with it in the most economical and long term way.  We will advise you on the best coarse of action and carry out any repairs along with removing any rot necessary and treating the areas around the affected location.

We are an Approved Contractor of Triton Timber Preservations products and this comes with an insured guarantee that is backed by the TUG Guarantee Service Ltd. This gives you peace of mind in terms of a job well done with a rock solid back up should there ever be any problems resulting.  This guarantee, for timber preservation (above ground level) is for 20 years. 

Dry Rot?

What is Dry Rot?

Dry rot is another type of fungus, Serpula Lacrymans, it is particularly destructive to timber and can spread very quickly once it has established itself. 

Dry Rot is wood decay caused by certain species of fungi that digest parts of the wood which give the wood strength and stiffness. 

What are the consequences of Dry Rot?

Dry rot is a far more rampant and damaging fungus compared to wet rot and its appearance is never welcome.  

The dry rot fungus attacks the timber and removes its structural strength.  An outbreak if dry rot is considered a very serious infestation, one which is hard to remove or eradicate if the remedies are severe.

If the outbreak is untreated eventually there will be such a loss of structure stability that the structure can collapse.

What can we do at Damp Direct?

Our expertise in dealing with dry rot is second to none and we pride ourselves in ensuring that once we have dealt with the initial infestation there is no chance of the dry rot returning.  We are thorough and use only Triton approved chemical treatments that come with the same guarantees that all of their chemical products command.

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