damp proofing solutions

Cementitious and Epoxy Solutions

Cementitious and Epoxy coatings are probably the simplest of methods of water proofing and damp proofing and are very effective for above ground structures as well as those below ground.

They are simply applied with a brush or a roller and form and impenetrable barrier that keeps your home or structure damp free and as with all of the products we use Triton, they come with the guarantee you would expect and deserve.

Cavity Drain Membranes

Cavity drain membrane is basically a water proof room within a water permeable room that allows water to penetrate so far into the structure and then in runs down to a sump and is drained away, either by gravity or mechanical pumping.

We at Damp Direct have installed hundreds of these systems and they have had such a high degree of success that we feel very confident that you will enjoy a water free, subterranean environment that will allow you to increase the space of your current home by at least the square footage of the basement or cellar under you home.

This method employs some of the most modern techniques yet is based on a simple notion that if you try to hard to keep mother nature out she will find a way in.  So, we say, let her in, but only so far and then show her the door, or in this case the sump pump and drain.

We employ the Triton Planton Cavity Drain Membrane System  It has the 10 year insurance backed guarantee as standard and will help to transform your unusable, damp ridden basement into a room that will make you proud, and maybe never want to leave it.

Concrete Waterproofing Systems

Concrete water proofing systems are straight forward, water retaining structures that keep a structure dry by keeping the water out.  The concrete is has an additive that basically makes it impervious to water penetration.  This type of system is normally applied to the outside of a structure and uses the hydrostatic pressure to keep it in place.  It is solid and reliable. As an approved contractor of Triton, we obviously install only the best product, that being http://www.tritonsystems.co.uk/pdf/Triton_Concrete_Brochure.pdf either Triton Super TT or Triton Super TT White when dealing with existing structures, when we are constructing a new building we utilise Triton Super TT mix to the concrete.

Chemical Injection Systems

This is the simple application of a chemical into the wall structure by drilling a series of holes to a defined depth.  The render and plaster on the inside of the building, and indeed that  on the outside, if there is any, needs to be striped up to 1.2m from the outside ground level.

The Triton chemical dpc and replastering system is applied, the gel is injected using a non-pressurised technique that uses the presence of the very water that has caused the problem to create an impervious barrier in the form of a dpc.  This is allowed to cure and then the walls are re-rendered and re-plastered using water proofed products.

As always we use Triton products because they come with the guarantee that gives you the peace of mind that lasts and lasts.

All of the Triton range of chemicals and systems are BBA certified. 


Along with ventilation there are some instances where a simple lack of insulation in a critical location or poorly applied insulation during construction is creating a cold spot.

Again we have the expertise and tools to identify and eliminate these areas, simply extending insulation into the eaves of a house can have an instant effect on the warmth and mold bearing potential of a bedroom or bathroom where the poor roof detail insulation leaves a cold gap at the ceiling/wall interface.

Condensation is a result of normal living in a structure that has either a high temperature internally set against low surface temperature of walls and windows etc.  The warm air holds much more water vapour than colder air.  If a property is poorly ventilated the result is normally water vapour condensing on these surfaces and creating a fertile location for black mold to grow.  Things like keeping windows shut all during the winter months can have a deleterious effect, normally it is cosmetic and can be cleaned and in some cases painted.  This is a very short term solution and the mold will return very quickly, even with the use of mold resistant paints.

At Damp Direct we can survey, specify and install either passive or mechanical means of ventilation that will reduce and eliminate black mold.  We will also give you advice on how to ensure that you property is optimised to keep mold at bay. 

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